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Regular loss of hair is a disorder that leads to the thinning, falling, and disappearing of hair. This makes the hair thin in the beginning and gradually leads to baldness. Keratin, a protein is known as the building block of hair and its production or depletion is responsible for loss of hair. Hair loss and baldness is a problem commonly found in males. Hair loss is an externally appearing ill effect of any problem or disturbance in the body. Some of the causes include: Although there many medicines and oils available for preventing and treating the problem, however it is good to prevent its causes. A diet rich in vitamins especially the B category of vitamins is extremely useful in preventing the occurrence of the problem of hair loss.

The second main cause is psychological problems like stress anxiety etc. Although these are inseparable parts of life but their effect can be reduced. Meditation and yoga are considered quite effective in combating stress and other psychological problems. The third avoidable factor is dirty scalp. So keep your scalp and hair clean. Shampoo them frequently and stay away from this problem. Blood circulation to hair can be improved massaging them with warm mustard oil.

Sleep irregularities are also responsible for hair loss. So forget all tensions and worries and have a sound eight hour sleep daily. Exercise, yoga and meditation help in improving sleep and prevent this problem. Following are a few natural treatments for preventing this problem: Mixture of egg yolk and honey, when massaged on the hair and scalp is quite beneficial. Keep the mixture for about half an hour and then wash thoroughly.

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